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KEMMLIT UK 100% Hand Hygiene

In the current climate, hand washing and disinfection are vital. We have brought together a selection of our best stainless steel 'non touch' electronic taps and soap dispensers.

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Why are Z Shape lockers so popular?

We have seen a huge increase in demand for our Z shaped lockers recently. So why the boom in this particular locker type?

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Latest Lockers: PURO W & PURO D

Thanks to its solid construction without profiles the new PURO line from KEMMLIT is the elegant locker series. Depending on the area of application two different options are available...

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Making Washrooms Hygienic

Most people think that the greatest risk of infection arises in the toilet cubicle. That's not the case. The largest bacteria in the washroom, however, are on the tap and soap dispenser, since these are the first to be used after washing the toilet with unwashed hands.

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Classic Cell Cubicle at Oxford Science Park

The Classic Cell cubicle was specified for washroom facilities within the building on the third floor and the shower cubicles on the first floor. These cubicles were specified in aluminium but are also available in steel or stainless steel and in a variety of colours.

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10 reasons to choose KEMMLIT

Our strong commitment to supplying only high-grade products makes us the market leader. Whether it be the product itself or the handling or support service, our customers benefit from our top performance.

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