Typo R / R2 / R2Z

Body and doors made of aluminium

* Please note the product name has been changed from 'Typ R' but is the same specification.

This locker solution is made of easy-to-clean high-grade aluminium, a material familiar from shipbuilding, is 100% corrosion-resistant, even on cut edges.

A form-fit connection is created by means of the compression jointing process – familiar from automotive and aerospace production – with good transverse tensile strength without welding. The locker system is TÜV-certified.

The locker doors are double-skinned aluminium with a seawater-resistant and scratchproof "Crystal Coat" surface in 6 colours or with digital print. This baked finish guarantees a long service life and hygienically efficient cleaning. Its outstanding resistance to ultraviolet light means that it can be used without hesitation in outdoor locations.

Further options in this range are Typo R2 which consists of locker doors made of 13mm HPL with a special overlay to protect the surface from scratches and damage and a decorative finish in 18 standard colours.
The typo R2 with HPL doors are also available as Z-Shape lockers,  see Typo R2Z for more information.

The Typo R also comes with lots of fittings and accessories to compliment the range.

These lockers can also come with different ventilation options to turn them into Active Sports V Lockers. Please click here for more information.

Suitable for: personnel lockers, wardrobe lockers, valuables lockers and deposit box lockers.

Areas of application: spas, sport facilities, swimming pools, fitness clubs, industrial companies, administration buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities and public buildings.

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