108 Cannon Street, London

108 Cannon Street in London has been totally transformed into plush, modern offices.

Our Typo R2Z were installed in keeping with the high standards of fixtures and fittings.

These are made of 13 mm HPL with a special overlay to protect the surface from scratches and damage and a decorative finish. The edges are rounded to prevent accidents.

The intelligent compression jointing process does not damage the protective coating and protects the locker against corrosion. The Typo R2Z locker system from KEMMLIT is TÜV-certified.

Also suitable for: personnel lockers, wardrobe lockers and deposit box lockers

Other areas of application: spas, sport facilities, swimming pools, fitness clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities and public buildings.


We believe office washrooms should reflect the corporate image in a stylish and innovative way. We have designed the finest quality commercial washrooms, with the visual and functional appeal your business needs.

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