European Patent Office, Munich

The European Patent Office (EPO) is an international organisation that provides high-quality patents and efficient services to inventors, businesses and society. Headquartered in Munich, EPO is a key player in the field of intellectual property, promoting innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.

We implemented our innovative KEMlight vacant/occupied system at the Head Office in Munich.

With its integrated LED red/green display, the KEMlight system offers an intelligent solution for displaying toilet cubicle availability in real time. With KEMlight, users know immediately and at a glance whether a toilet cubicle is free or occupied. This saves time, avoids unnecessary disruptions and promotes the efficient use of resources.

PRIMO F KEMlight impresses with its smooth and high-quality appearance, its stable and durable construction and its comfortable soft-close closure. The surfaces are optionally antibacterial and equipped with an anti-fingerprint function. The LED display can be easily and individually controlled using an app and adapted to the building's opening times.


We believe office washrooms should reflect the corporate image in a stylish and innovative way. We have designed the finest quality commercial washrooms, with the visual and functional appeal your business needs.

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