13mm HPL / 12mm glass

Made of toughened safety glass (ESG) or 13mm solid grade laminate (HPL) panels with aluminium connection elements.

The cubicle system CRONUS is perfect for any project. It is versatile and flexible without abandoning its own distinctive line.

CRONUS offers aesthetically sophisticated solutions in the highest quality. Every detail is designed for maximum variance, perfection of form, ageless design and durability. It is available in two different versions:

Cubicle system CRONUS wet room made of 13mm HPL.
Cubicle system CRONUS glass made of toughened safety glass (ESG).

In the developing stage, particular attention was therefore paid to the connection elements. The high quality aluminium system structure with the aesthetic profiles and linear connections guarantees a robust and solid cubicle system.

The harmonising colour range for panels, furniture, profiles and supporting legs as well as the great variety of accessories complete the overall appearance of the cubicle system. CRONUS combines design, quality and flexibility – without compromises!

Suitable for: toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, changing cubicles, walk through cubicles, partitions for therapy or treatment rooms and other wet or dry areas. Areas of application: schools, universities, industrial and commercial offices, hospitals, nursing homes, spas, stadiums, camping sites and amusement parks, recreational centres and swimming pools, hotels and restaurants and public facilities.

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