Baby Change Products

KEMMLIT leaves nothing to be desired. Our long history of experience means we know your requirements - and that means we get every detail right. Quite simply - well thought-out baby changing combinations: Made from water-resistant HPL with plenty of room in the cupboards which come either with drawers or open compartments.

The modular construction allows individual adaptation to suit the situation in the required area. Safe due to the surrounding anti-fall guard. Comfortable due to the integrated jointless baby bath tub, made from robust mineral composite material which never feels cold, where you can also shower infants - also available with a wash basin.

As an option, the drawers can be locked centrally with a rotary knob on the rear edge. As a special highlight, you can get the baby changing combination with pull-out steps - either straight or as a spiral staircase - convenient for the little ones. Choose from one of our three design options for your baby changing station. Opt for a robust solution from our standard range. Put together your own personal baby changing combination from our individual modules, or design your individual combination to fit precisely into your room.

Baby change Tables

  • Custom-built
  • Made of water-resistant HPL
  • With optional drawers or shelves
  • With integrated bath tub
  • With optional pull-out steps
  • Comes in six different colours
  • Dimensions according to room layout
  • Price on request


These larger units are part of the Bambino Range or we also offer the below range of individual change units which are available to purchase off the shelf at competitive prices and short delivery timescales: