Active Sports V-Lockers

Purposely designed to dry sports clothing

A smart ventilation concept offers many advantages: it prevents unpleasant odours and allows for clothes to dry fast.

Self ventilation:

All models are designed to provide permanent air circulation. This is accomplished with a recessed top and base or with ventilation perforation within the back panel or door. With an additional perforated base the air exchange can be increased.

Electronic fan ventilation:

In order to increase the air exchange within the locker and to speed up the drying process of clothes, the wardrobe can be fitted with an electronic ventilator, continually blowing the humid air out of the locker.

Forced ventilation:

For ideal air circulation and a perfect indoor climate it is recommendable to connect the locker to an on site ventilation system. The connection is accomplished with an adjustable disc valve within the locker top. As an alternative the ventilation channel can run through the sloping locker top. We recommend HPL infill panels above the locker all the way up to the ceiling as an elegant way to hide the ventilation channels.


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