13mm HPL / 30mm wood material

The cubicle system Bambino is available in three different versions:

  • Cubicle System B-Bambino Exklusiv made of 13 mm solid grade HPL panels
  • Cubicle System B-Bambino Klassik made of 13 mm solid grade HPL panels
  • Cubicle System D-Bambino Klassik made of 30 mm high-density melamine resin-coated particle board


Safety is our first priority, so children can feel comfortable in the washroom and thus conquer the washroom on their own. For this reason KEMMLIT offers a standard safety package for all Bambino Sanitary Cubicles, which consists of finger protection along both hinge and closing side of the doors.

Furthermore each Bambino Cubicle System comes with rounded corners on all doors and wall elements, round door knobs with rubber buffers, as well as self-closing doors.

All Bambino products are TÜV and GS certified. For an interior design that is perfectly suitable for children, KEMMLIT offers a complete product line consisting of cubicle systems, corresponding washbasins, toothbrush tumbler racks and baby changing tables.

All Bambino products feature a continuous and coordinated colour concept, as clear colours not only create a friendly atmosphere, but also help children to orientate themselves and ensure a fun and exciting experience in the washroom.

For use in:  Nursery schools, child-care centres, children’s homes, primary schools and preparatory schools.

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