99 Coolidge, Massachusetts

    Our Classic Cell Cubicle was specified for these commercial washrooms in Aluminium.

    For this project, the Black Edition of the cubicle was used with its captivating scratch resistant special coating “crystal coat” in Deep black. This stove-enamel ensures longevity and hygienic cleaning.

    The black edition also consists of a 42 mm thick metal construction. The full-surfaced door inlays, making the cubicle system impact and dent resistant, are new for this option.

    This solid construction of the cubicle system safeguards against vandalism and damage. The new whisper-comfort locks are low-noise, adding more comfort and privacy to the WC area.

    The smooth surfaced design, combined with the modern surface creates a modern look for toilet areas.

    • classiccell Aluminium
    • Black Edition with full reinforced front and dividing panels
    • Black anodized profiles, hinges, pedestals
    • L-shaped door handles and lock with red/green occupancy indicator in black stainless steel


    We believe office washrooms should reflect the corporate image in a stylish and innovative way. We have designed the finest quality commercial washrooms, with the visual and functional appeal your business needs.

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