UCL Wilkins Building London

Having already installed PRIMO Kn cubicles into the UCL Pharmacy School, this prestigious university wanted more of the same for their Wilkins Building.

PRIMO Kn meets the highest requirements concerning aesthetics and functionality. The system is flush-surfaced and folded on the door stop side. Door and panel elements are made of a 42 mm thick composite elements with internal aluminum frames for maximum stiffness and long durability. A special protective layer on the HPL-surface increases the scratch and wear resistance.

In the standard version, seen here, PRIMO Kn is designed with legs and head rails integrated in the front panel. 

There is also a floor-to-ceiling solution offering maximum privacy because the doors, front panels and partitions are completely flush from the door to the ceiling. This system can also be made as a walk through cubicle.

A special protective layer on all surfaces increases PRIMO Kn’s scratch and abrasion resistance capability and, in order to withstand intense wear, the system includes a substantial three-roller edge hinge with a stainless steel axis.

As you would expect, PRIMO Kn is available in a number of design options including a suspended version or a floor to ceiling system for increased privacy.

Offered in a range of colours including the option of customised digital print, PRIMO Kn is supported with a range of accessories including: LED door handles, headrails, hinges, support feet and sanitary equipment.

Accessible cubicles were also created and additional scope of work including Corian vanity units.


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