NiUU rod grip with LED display

In addition to the traditional knob and handle locking systems, featuring the red/white display, KEMMLIT offers an alternative exclusively for
NiUU, in form of a grip rod with integrated WC-locking system and LED-display. 

The innovative rod grip is made of anodised aluminium and comes in four different lengths: Small (430 mm), Medium (1165 mm), Large (1300 mm) and XLarge (1565 mm).

The locking mechanism also features an emergency release consisting of a metal square on the outside. The electronic LED display is bonded and integrated in the rod grip. It completely replaces the traditional red / white configuration.

The occupied signal is connected to the locking mechanism on the inside of the door and is visible on the outside on a red LED-display. If the cubicle is vacant, the LED remains unlit. 

Power is supplied by a flat battery which is integrated inside the top of the door. At normal use the battery has a life-span of more than a year and can be exchanged without professional