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Classic Cell Cubicle at Oxford Science Park

The Classic Cell cubicle was specified for washroom facilities within the building on the third floor and the shower cubicles on the first floor. These cubicles were specified in aluminium but are also available in steel or stainless steel and in a variety of colours.

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KEMMLIT Greenline

People use too much energy, consume too much water and release too much CO2 into the atmosphere. This makes it clear that we use more resources than the earth can handle. Therefore, not only individuals, but also companies have to take responsibility for the environment. The earth does not only belong to us but also all other living things like the animals and plants.

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10 reasons to choose KEMMLIT

Our strong commitment to supplying only high-grade products makes us the market leader. Whether it be the product itself or the handling or support service, our customers benefit from our top performance.

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Keep school washrooms going for longer

For overall school success, clean, presentable and welcoming toilets are just as important as the classroom. When the school washrooms are in a dilapidated state, the students try everything to avoid having to use them or in worse cases add to the delapidation. KEMMLIT UK are a reliable partner when it comes to the topic of toilet cubicles in the education sector.

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5 tips for the perfect children's washroom

Children need to feel comfortable in order to be able to conquer the washroom all by themselves, safety comes first. We know that promoting the independence of children, especially in this area is very important.

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Material Selection for Washroom Cubicles

Washroom design is more than just specifying fixtures and finishes, it requires careful planning and the appropriate selection of materials. This will ensure that any project is functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the client as well as the end user.

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