KEMMLIT UK 100% Hand Hygiene

1/28/2021 12:00:00 AM

In the current climate, hand washing and disinfection are vital. We have brought together a selection of our best stainless steel 'non touch' electronic taps and soap dispensers.

They meet the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and are designed for high traffic areas.

Our electronic taps are operated by infrared detection. No manual contact prevents the spread of germs by hand.

The soap dispensers are also operated with infrared cell and are quick to install.

By following the barrier gestures recommended in the current pandemic, hand washing frequency has multiplied by 3 and the length of time taken to wash hands has increased by 50%. The over-consumption of water and energy is enormous. All of our solutions can save up to 90% water.

This range is part of a wider stainless steel sanitary ware range to compliment the stainless steel cubicles that we manufacture and install.