Making Washrooms Hygienic

6/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

Most people think that the greatest risk of infection arises in the toilet cubicle. That's not the case. The largest bacteria in the washroom, however, are on the tap and soap dispenser, since these are the first to be used after washing the toilet with unwashed hands. 

80% of the germs are spread through contact between people or by touching surfaces, which is why it is imperative that hygienic solutions are provided in washroom facilities.

With our tips, we are fighting the germs:
✓ Place the disinfectant dispenser not only in the toilet cubicle, but also in the washroom.

✓ Soap and disinfectant dispensers should not be equipped manually, but with an automatic sensor so that they can be used without contact.

✓ Use of effective and fast hand dryers with a maximum drying time of 14 seconds, since dry hands are hygienic hands.

✓ Avoid warm air or jet hand dryers as these increase the number of bacteria by 194%. With these variants, the bacteria are blown into the air and then onto the user. 

✓ Avoiding cloth towel rolls, since damp cloth is unsanitary.

✓ Optimized schedules of the cleaning staff and the use of effective cleaning agents.

In addition to toilet brush sets, roll holders and hooks, we also offer numerous washroom equipment such as disinfectant dispensers, hand dryers and side dispensers. Installation is free of charge as part of a partition order.